Beauty and Skincare Empties!​

Beauty and Skincare Empties!​


Good morning everyone! Today’s post is one of my most favorite to do: Beauty and Skincare empties. If you know me, you know I love testing new products and giving honest opinions about them. A lot of my girl-friends will DM me concerns and ask for tips on products I like or what I feel could help them.
I’m going to be super honest and not ‘fluff’ these products – also a lot of these are purchased at many different locations but I’ll link certain sites that have the items available in case you want to try them as well!

I hope you enjoy!!
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– Brittney

  1. Sephora Kiwi Rubber Mask
    I purchased this to do a ‘luxury vs affordable’ post on rubber face masks. This item is SO worth the price but the actual mask didn’t do what I thought; in fact… It stained my leggings cause it was dripping so much. Do I think its worth a repurchase? yes ONLY if you’re really into face masks…  But I highly suggest wearing clothes you’re okay with getting messy & don’t fill the water all the way to the recommended spot (less water makes it less runny!).
  2. Mixology Scrub
    This scrub was purchased at a Casino we sometimes visit. You can purchase this product online and in many spas. It’s really nice for massaging into your skin if you’re about to spray tan or do an ‘at home’ Pedi. Totally worth having.
  3. Tory Burch “Just Like Heaven” perfume
    This perfume is so ‘heavenly’ (see what I did there?). Every time I wore it I felt wealthy. It’s a very soft and luxurious scent. Would I purchase? Only if its the right price.
  4. Flower Powder Foundation in Color PP2
    Flower brand is sold at Walmart and is by Drew Berrymore (hey girl hey!). This compact has held the test of time until it finally cracked after my toddler slammed it into a wall. Coverage is perfect, fits in all my small purses, and comes with a brush that isn’t worth using. Totally would repurchase. *the Flower Powder is in new style of packaging which is awesome!* 
  5. Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Face Wash
    This facewash isn’t anything to write home about. It cleans. No major changes in my skin. I would stick with purchasing Face wash #6 (read it next!)
  6. Sephora AMA Clean Skin Gel Wash
    WOW. For only $10 this facewash was used more than my La Mer! I used this 2x daily and couldn’t process how Sephora is able to sell this Italian made cleanser for so cheaply! The scent is a little odd (to me its a candy scent); but I recommend just going to Sephora and asking for a sample to try it out! I am already purchasing 2 more bottles.
  7. Softsoap Honey Creme
    This drugstore find is really nice on exhausting days. The scent is really soothing and it does the job. Super affordable and can be found anywhere.
  8. Benefit They’re Real Mascara
    Its been a fan favorite for years. I love the wand this thing has gives length and volume. Define worth the splurge if you want to have the look of false lashes without having false lashes.
  9. HUM Collagen POP
    Dang it someone explain to me why I bought this again knowing how much I hate the taste of the tablets. DONT purchase unless you’re down for weird tarte/powder taste in your water.
  10. Shiseido Essential Cream
    This cream is so nice. Simple rundown- No scent, J-beauty, soft texture, smooth skin is your results. Definitely, buy or at least get a sample of this. Like no joke try it at least once.
  11. Holika Holika Pig Clean Black Head 3 step kit
    The packaging is LOL-worthy. But hey it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. I enjoyed this product but be ready to invest about 50 minutes in total for this 3-step kit. Also, the link is to a site where it’s 60% off! So if you’d like to try this definitely shop the link!
  12. Bath and Body Works Pineapple Luau Shower Gel
    This little bottle was all I needed. The scent is really tropical and strong. Online the fragrance is retired but I linked a similar one from the Summer Collection.
  13. Tony Moly Pikachu Mini Cushion Foundation
    I MUST FIND MORE. This product went above and beyond what I expected. The coverage is medium and the packaging is too darn cute! I literally can’t find it anywhere but if you find it – BUY IT ALL. *The link to the website says it’s still available and there’s a coupon code! It’s already 50% off before the code!!!*
  14. Spa Life Tea Bath Salts
    My hubby surprised me with this gem from Target. It has rose petals in it which are so nice until your drain gets clogged. Stick with getting a bath bomb from Lush. Fun fact: I found this bath salts bottle are Tjmaxx the other week as well!


Makeup Products to Splurge On

Makeup Products to Splurge On


When it comes to makeup, I feel there are some products you need to invest a little in and some you don’t have to invest a lot in. Today I will talk about Makeup Products to Splurge on! 

Continue reading to hear what Makeup Products to Splurge on:


Foundation – This is a product I always invest in. Foundation is on your skin all day and is something you don’t want moving or fading after a few hours. There are some low price foundations that work well but my most favorites for all-day wear are higher priced.

Cleanser – This is one of the most important products I recommend investing in. Your skin cleanser takes all the dirt and toxins off your skin. If your skin cleanser isn’t doing the best job then your makeup won’t sit well and look good.

Lotion – Another major skincare item I invest highly in. Your lotion is protecting your skin from the elements and is helping reverse signs of aging. Invest in this product if you want your skin to be healthy, balanced and glowing for your makeup canvas.

Deep color lipsticks/lip stains – I’ve always had a hard time finding low price lip stains and lipsticks that stay well throughout the day. When I need a stain or deep color I invest a bit in the product.


Eyeshadows in shades of purple – I mention this because, in the makeup color world, purple colors are challenging to get right. I watched a Youtube video where Jeffree Star spoke about how purple pigments sometimes don’t transfer well.

Eyeshadow with large glitter pieces – Makeup glitter is totally different from craft store glitter. Craft glitter is sharp-edged while makeup the glitter has to be rounded (so if there’s any fallout into your eyes the glitter won’t cut your eye!) I tend to shop higher quality with super chunky glitter shadows just because of how serious this health safety is. 

I love finding affordable products. Be EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS when shopping at off-price retailers (Like TJmaxx, Ross, Etc) sometimes the makeup could be expired or opened. This also goes for products you might find at Ulta’s clearance rack. Make sure the products aren’t opened and once you take the item home do a smell test.  *I plan to do a future post about tips on beauty products; similar to this tip!*

Lush Cosmetics – Body Scrubs You Need!

Lush Cosmetics – Body Scrubs You Need!

LUSH COSMETICS is all about natural ingredients and helping give back to our lovely planet. Everyone flocks to see the adorable bath bombs and zillion bubbles from the bubble bars but – everyone is missing this diamond of a product, Body Scrubs! I personally feel their line of shower scrubs is one of the best products they carry.

Continue reading to hear why YOU NEED a body scrub from LUSH!

On a recent visit to LUSH, I was telling the associate about how I enjoy blogging and from time to time I blog about LUSH. She asked what is one of my favorite products (which is the rub rub rub shower scrub) and she loaded me with samples of their other ‘tubbed’ scrubs to review about.

*These scrubs are all in the classic black tubs that LUSH packages their products in. There’s also solid scrubs that you can purchase as well – package free. Today I was only reviewing items that will be sold in the black tubs.*

Mama Mia – it’s a bright pinky color scrub that has a kick of grapefruit. Reminds me of the same texture and results I get from Magic Crystals. It has fine Sea and Himalayan salts as its exfoliant.

Cost: $28.95 21.8oz

Magic Crystals – A fun minty scented scrub with Epson salts and sea salts. The bold purple color gives me total Halloween vibes. I use this on my ‘rough’ area – elbows, feet, knees.

Cost: $17.95 10.5oz

Scrub Scrub Scrub – total sister to the rub rub rub. Same buffing effect but the difference is color and scent. This has some cleansing charcoal mixed in + salt for its exfoliant and the scent is a berry-sweet scent. The Charcoal mix is good for purifying your skin (so bye bye clogged pores!).

Cost: $17.95 11.6oz

Rub Rub Rub – Like mentioned above, similar to Scrub Scrub Scrub but light blue color and floral scented. This has fine sea salt as its exfoliant. My ultimate favorite. Perfect to rub all over the body and the results are super smooth skin.

Cost: $22.95 11.6oz

Ocean Salt – Super salty scrub that has an ocean-like scent to it. You can use both on face and body; though its main focus is for the face. Honestly, my least favorite on the scrub collection – but this is the first Lush scrub I ever tried. I might revisit this beaut down the road to see if I notice any difference.

Cost: $21.95 4.2oz

FACT: The prices versus the size of the product might be different compared to others. Remember the prices is based on the ingredients used.

TIP: Anytime you’re near a LUSH drop by for a sample or two! You can even test the product in-store! The first time I tested Rub Rub Rub I was in-store and the associate gave me a full hand/arm massage with it.

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– Brittney




Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is quickly approaching (Early access July 12th-18th; full access  July 19th – August 4th!! Mark your Calendars!!). Previous sales have been quite the jaw-dropper. From Kendra Scott drop earrings, T3 Blow Dryer, Le Specs sunglasses, and even many Elite high-end brands (Burberry trenches, Chloe shoes, Fendi bags, and more). Then, of course, many well-known Nordy brands like BP., Leith, TopShop, Madewell, etc that’s great for basic daywear.

The sale features new Fall merchandise at amazing prices for a short period of time. AKA: you get to purchase the new trends before it hits the shelves.

Click here to visit the website to get the full calendar, sneak peek on what to expect on the racks, and special “Glam Event” dates that the stores are hosting during this amazing sale!

  – I need to quickly touch base that Early Access on July 12th -18th to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is for Debit/Credit Card members only. This gives Cardmembers the opportunity to shop the sale before the general public. Opening a card isn’t hard. You can do it online, over the phone or in-store. There are also other amazing perks with a Nordstrom card. If you’re considering a new card I recommend them! 


FAQ: If you’re not a card member but visit the store, find something you love, will they hold the item?

NO. The items are first come. If you see something that’s at an amazing price the sales associate will mention you can open a Nordstrom card and if accepted on the spot you’ll be able to purchase.  

FAQ: Do they restock?

No one is for sure. The sizes sometimes vary to a rack with tons of quantities and then some of the items it will be a very small size run. 

FAQ: Am I able to return these items to store?

Yes, if you purchased something online or in-store and the sizing didn’t work out you will be able to return at any Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack locations. Keep the receipt so you can get a full refund.

FAQ: I have a card, can I use my double points towards the purchases I make? How about Nordy Rewards “Notes”?

YES! This is one of the best parts about the sale! You can use your double points day and if you have some Nordstrom rewards (or Notes) you can redeem those as well. I’m a few points away from another Nordstrom Note and Level upgrade so I’m definitely taking this opportunity too.

FAQ: Will you be attending any of the Glam Events in store?

At the moment, no. I’m nowhere near a Nordstrom store. The nearest store for me is 6.5 hours away. I will be shopping the day the Early Access Sale starts and I will have my ‘top picks’ post asap! 

FAQ: Where’s the catalog to view some of the items?

Here. This link you can see some of the brands and trends. But remember the catalog is just a sample!

FAQ: Where can I apply for the credit/debit card?

Here. This link uou can apply here and be approved on the spot!

Below is my small shopping wish list for the sale:

Wish List:

– Jewelry (Bauble Bar or Kendra Scott necklace).

– Lucky Brand shoes (My Lucky Brand boots are my most favorite).

– Leith dresses.

– Good jeans for fall, white and a black pair.

– Longchamp handbag.

– Beauty brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Mario Badescu, La Mer, and Nars.

– Hair styling tools. In need of a blow dryer and curling iron.

– Home decor. Nothing in particular.

Before the sale many people try to make a game plan. Some wait to try and be the first one online/in the store and some visit the store days ahead to try on clothes to get an idea of what sizes to grab up (especially if you online shop). For me, I’m NOWHERE near a Nordstrom store. I do all my purchases online so I’m shopping brands I’m accustomed to. A lot write out a budget on how much they plan to spend and a little wish list (like mine above!). The best part about Nordstrom is they have the best return policy. So keep that in mind if you do have to order online. 

My question to everyone: Are you shopping the sale? Anything in particular you hope to find? How many boxes do you plan to hide from your husband?
Have a sunny day!

– Brittney

Abercrombie& Fitch Haul!

Abercrombie& Fitch Haul!

As many know, I love Abercrombie. Not because I spent a decade working for the brand; but I truly enjoy the quality, style, and diversity this brand has. Spending so much of my life involved with the company I saw some amazing growth and changes that I feel shows the brand can handle changing target markets in a mature and respectful manner.

Recently the store was doing a special promo on shorts + free shipping if you spend $75 – With the holiday (4th of July; I’m sure they’ll do either 40 or 50% off the entire store). Today I will show you the items I did purchase and give an honest review on. * There are actually some items I didn’t like!*

Continue reading to hear about my Abercrombie Purchases!

Strappy Slide Sandals $38
These shoes are super trendy for summer. They come in 4 colors (I want the white so so badly!). These are definitely a must but to warn everyone to try them on before purchase (or online order your regular size and the next size up) I noticed the bands are really tight on my feet; I’m a 7.5 but the size 8/9 fit me more comfortably.

Pleated Denim Shorts $58
These shorts I have a love-hate relationship with. I purchased them LOVING THEM. But after wearing them 2x I noticed the pleated front detailing makes my stomach area look big (which isn’t good for someone who is already uncomfortable with their belly area.) These are highwaisted too which I wasn’t expecting. I would return if I didn’t remove the tags. Do I recommend? Eh, I would try them on and really think about the style before purchasing. *Had to go up 1 whole size too!!!!*

Low Rise Shorts $58
I ended up returning these online exclusive shorts because the sizing was off, I needed a size larger. *The shorts are sized odd this year*. I plan to reorder these because the look is really nice overall. 

White Drapy Top $18
I really really love this top. I plan to purchase more and all the colors. The fabric is super soft and the draping detail is perfect to wear with jeans or tucked into high waisted bottoms!

Low Rise Clearance Jeans $19
These might be the softest jeans I own. Even after washing these jeans are still super soft. I love the ankle detail and these fit true to size! Definitely, recommend shopping their jean collection the next time you want a good soft pair of denim!

Trench Jacket Clearance $90
This jacket I purchased last year in a mint green color and I wear it all the time time. Perfect for spring and summer looks at nighttime. This blush pink would be darling with a white dress or even white denim!

Tote $40
I’m amazed at how light, easy, and trendy this tote is. It holds so many items and doesn’t lose its shape! Definitely a must for your summer collection (and perfect for poolside!)

This was my recent Abercrombie & Fitch Haul! I hope you enjoyed this post. If you’re interested in getting some outfits on a promotion similar to mine sign up for Abercrombie’s emails! Also, check the Abercrombie APP or go online to see what online exclusive sales they’re hosting.

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Wedding blog mini series: Hire a Wedding Planner or be your own Wedding Planner!

Wedding blog mini series: Hire a Wedding Planner or be your own Wedding Planner!



Let’s Make Style! #2

Let’s Make Style! #2

Get excited! One fashion piece worn different ways! If you want a refresher of how this is done; check out Let’s Make Style #1! What you’ll see today is a “HOT trend” item. For about a month now fashion influencers are rocking high waisted tie shorts. These soft + comfy shorts are perfect for summer but seem to fall into the category of only being worn once or twice. 
And I’m going to be honest with you, most of the influencers I follow only wore these shorts once and ALL wore the shorts the same way WITH the same color top?
 Have no fear! I am here! Here to reassure you these shorts CAN be worn multiple ways and into some stylish outfits! It just takes some time and digging in the closet to find some pieces you already own.
REMEMBER: I’m using what I already own in my closet. Sometimes I’ll mention items/ideas I would do IF I owned that particular clothing/accessory. I’m not going out and purchasing new items for this. I will link inspo ideas along with the links of the exact items I already own OR similar pieces to the items I’m using.

These lovely shorts are the fashion piece that will be styled into different looks! Below you can shop the look!

My exact shorts (PS: They come in 6 different colors!!), Similar pair: Francesca’s Boutique  , Similar pair 2: Shein Tie Front Shorts , Similar pair 3: Nordstrom Tie Front Shorts, Similar pair 4: Loft Tie Front Shorts.

Look one (its actually a combo look!): Crop & Fabric Detailing.

This is a super adorable look for summer. I paired the tie front shorts with a cropped lace top (The combo part is to show BOTH crop and/or detailed+textured fabric looks adorable with these shorts!). The top even has a back zipper detail (which makes the crop very fitted). I own the top in black and white and both look darling with the outfit.

For accessories throw some silver jewelry to match the zipper detailing, a super trendy straw tote which is perfect for shopping or for the beach + some thick band sandals.
Shop the Look: Similar lace with zipper back top , My Yurman style braceletSimilar Quote Bracelet , VERY similar sandalsAnother similar sandalSimilar bag (has same rope handle detailing!).

Look two: V-Neck Tee + Fun Accessories 

This look is very simple which is why I’m not going much into detail about it. In fact this was one of my #ootd’s that I thought would add to the list to show how versatile these shorts are. Any color neutral tee would look great tucked in these shorts. I would even throw a deep red or pale yellow top with this too. For accessories I’m wearing a bright Lilly Pulitzer charm bracelet and some gold Jack Rogers. 

If you want to see the #ootd post you can view it here!!!
Shop the Look: Exact Tee , Exact Shoes , Similar earrings , Exact BraceletExact Straw Tote,  Jack Rogers sandals , Lilly CharmsLilly Charms 2.

Look three: Bare Shoulder Bodysuit.

This look is beachy meets sexy. This off the shoulder ruffle bodysuit gives such a sexy feel. The straw sunhat, fun Kate Spade clutch, gold cuff (that ties in the gold metal detailing of the clutch), and the Cognac woven flats is GOALS.

This is what you wear on your resort trip, honeymoon adventures, or to a late afternoon concert. I’m so excited to wear this look out one night and putting this together helped me realize how much of a fashion staple these shorts are!
Shop the Look: Straw quote hat , “Wish You Were Here” hat , Gold Cuff , Exact Shoes , Exact BodysuitSimilar BodysuitPurse is no longer in stores but here it is on Ebay.

Look Four: Mauve & Turquoise.